Photo Search Helps to Attract More Traffic to Your Website

Are you struggling to gain traffic from social media websites? Are you curious to know what that thing is that everyone else is doing except you?

The point is that blogging is just not about simple text written on a page. An article is considered good when it is the combination of images, text, and other numerous multimedia elements such as charts, slides, videos, etc.

The first step you must do is to add at least one image with your every blog post. Why? Because a picture speaks a thousand words. Furthermore, it is this type of eye-catching article which makes your post appear more visually appealing.

After going through this content, you will hopefully, come to know the best reasons why you should begin to start using pictures in your blog posts. We will also have a look at the usage of reverse image search and cutting edge tips to select the perfect image for your page.

Why should you always use pictures with your blog posts?

There are various reasons. It helps enhance search engine rankings. Here are the ones which matter the most

Having a picture makes your article look visually attractive, but this is true only when you are using the right photo to convey your idea. Your image should be related to your material of the content and should be somehow relevant.

Nowadays, everyone uses “relevant posts” along with thumbnails, or have “famous posts” in their sidebars. All of these posts use a picture usually the featured one to make the thumbnail visible. This not only enables you to get a high click-through rate but also reduces the bounce rate.

Images also entitle you to grab some traffic from image search engines. Through the use of reverse image search tool, you can ask different websites to link your site whenever they post your image.

Additionally, for gaining more traffic from image search engines, you will have to optimize several things such as Alt text and description of the image. You can insert the keywords in your image description and Alt text too to gain more audience.

In 2019, social media is at its peak, and social media users admire visual content. Not only it will compel all the users to share your article on their social media networks, but it also enables you to drive more audience from social media sites.

The critical point here is to make sure that when your visitors share your blog posts on social media sites, that particular share should comprise the correct picture which is optimized for social media.

If your images are not high-quality or they will make others walls less appealing, the person visiting it will never share it. Hence, through using search by image, you can select the image with the best quality which might influence readers to share your post.

When you insert an image within your content, it helps to make the whole work look longer. Obviously, it does not increase the number of words of the article, but it helps making it look more informative. If you are creating a short post, then adding pictures into it will surely make your content look much better.

Tips on how to add pictures to your articles

Now before you begin to add any random image to your content, read the below tricks to understand what other factors you must keep in your mind when inserting a picture in the article.

This is one of the most important facts you must keep in mind before uploading your photo. You can use an image resizer to make the image all according to the need of your webpage.

It is another significant factor for not letting the image negatively impact your posts. Make sure you reduce the size of the image before posting it to your server. Don’t just add the image you randomly found on a search engine.

If you have to spend considerable time editing a picture specifically for your website, then you must make sure that no other person is using your hard work. If you find out any, then you can ask that page owner to give you credits or remove the image.

Similarly, before posting the image, you can use the same tool to check the authenticity of the picture which will help you to avoid any unpleasant consequences.