Privacy Policy

We at ReverseImageSearch are extremely careful about the confidentiality of the images/data shared or uploaded by the users on our online service. We are dedicated to protecting our customers’ secrecy; hence, we have compiled this privacy policy to keep all users informed about the data collected from them by our online tool and how it is treated. Throughout this privacy policy, please understand that wherever we use Us, We, or Reverseimagesearch, we are referring to, Inc., a corporation, our subsidiaries, and other affiliates.

We have come up with this privacy policy for the people who are worried about how their PII (Personally Identifiable Information) is being used online. To understand how we use, collect, and handle PII, we recommend all of our users go through this privacy policy thoroughly.

What Data Does This Website Collect About Me?)

The website doesn’t ask its users to enter any private details, such as name and email address, for using its service. The only data collected by the company is the image uploaded by a user to find similar images over the web. Since our service is absolutely free of cost, the users aren’t asked to enter details like credit card or bank account numbers for making payments.

How Safe is my Images on this Website?

The pictures uploaded by the users on our site’s reverse image search service are 100% safe and secure. Our website isn’t affiliated with any picture-sharing blog or website, and it doesn’t share the images entered by the users with any third-party websites. Advanced security measures are taken while developing this service to make sure that no third-party source is able to access or collect the images uploaded by the users on our tool.

How Does Use My Uploaded Images?

The pictures uploaded by the users on our website go through the CBIR (Content-Based Image Retrieval) technology. This advanced technique is integrated by our developers to provide users with the best quality similar picture search results. We don’t wish to disappoint our users; therefore, we make sure to take an in-depth look at your uploaded image to revert the best possible outcomes. We are providing an efficient service that just takes a couple of seconds to generate and display results on the users’ screens.

How Long my uploaded Images are stored on the server?

Our website doesn’t contain the images uploaded by the users in its system. This service has been designed to resolve the picture-finding queries of the users in the safest way. Therefore, our system doesn’t store the images shared by the users. As soon as the process of finding similar images is completed, the uploaded images get removed automatically.

Will Send me Email Notifications?

So far, this service hasn’t been integrated on our website. We don’t send email notifications to our users yet. In the coming future, we might upgrade our service, but currently, users won’t receive any notifications on email.

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If you are still not convinced or have any other queries regarding this privacy policy or our service, you can contact us at

You can also reach us by filling the short form on our contact us page, our support team will get back to you and answer your queries as soon as possible.

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