The Significance Of Image Optimization

The Significance Of Image Optimization

No type of introduction is required when it comes to search engine optimization. However, the range in search engine optimization is such widespread that even the experts or marketers with vast experience tend to ignore some of its factors. They must follow the advanced SEO techniques to enhance search engine rankings.

One of the aspects which are usually overlooked is image search engine. It without any doubt is essential for web or internet business, especially if you have an e-commerce webpage. You might have tried to insert images in your content and may have wondered why your pictures do not get a top rank in Google SERPs. This happens because you are not optimizing the images for the search engine in a proper manner.

In this content, we will go through the information regarding how to optimize your images along with the tools available these days which helps for image optimization such as reverse image search tool.

The Significance of Visual Contents

Being humans, we tend to admire visuals. Not only for one but many reasons. As visual content makes your visitors much more involved as compared to written material and they also stay in the mind of them for an extended period. If we go back, inserting images was a hard task, but today it is a piece of cake. It doesn’t take long and many tips from professionals regarding images are also available online.

As technology is continuously improving especially the internet, media is evolving day by day. There was a time when images used to take several minutes to load, not only this but used to hang in between. Today, the internet speed is comparatively much faster and adding quality video, gifs, and images in our website content has become the standard.

So, using the proper media strategy can not only help you to enhance your website but also play a huge role in social media and email marketing.

What Is SEO Of Images – Why Is It Important

The strategy involving image size reduction, inserting correct file names, dimension, attributes, alignments, and captions of the pictures to make an image perfect for internet is known as image optimization.

You will get the following advantages by a proper image SEO. Without any ado, let’s go through them.

Enhance User Experience

User experience is one of the aspects which can boost your webpage ranking like anything. If you would add images which are SEO-friendly, then they will positively affect the visitor experience of your website. The pictures engage the visitors and ultimately enhances the bounce rate of your page.

Load Time of a Webpage

One of the significant steps you must perform for image SEO is to reduce the size of any image you are going to post. The load speed of your website is directly proportional to the size of the pictures you post. Therefore, posting the pictures after reducing size will let users load and visit your page within seconds.

Top Rank In Image Search

The popularity of Google image search is at its peak these days. According to the facts, more than 60% of the users while browsing through the images on Google click the image and visit the source or webpage. So, image search engine optimization can give a boost to your ranking in the image search result pages of Google. This, as a result, will drive more visitors to your site especially if your webpage is an e-commerce one. This is the reason why your business needs image search engine and image optimisation.

Make Your Account Famous

The images which are relevant to their webpages and tell a story usually get viral. So, if you will post relevant pictures to your site, the chances of getting it viral increases which would make your content as well as a webpage to reach more audience.

How to Optimize Images Like A Pro

There are several steps which you must focus on while doing the SEO of your images:

  • Insert the only relevant images which add value to your content.
  • You must give a suitable file name to your image while posting it. The default image file names like “0.003.JPEG” will not help you to optimize your images.
  • Keeping the dimensions of the images is important too. The experts say that 2560 pixels in width of the images can be perfect for the majority of the monitors which range between 27” and 30”. To do that you can utilize any image resizer tool.
  • You must keep the size of your file as small as possible. As it will directly impact the speed of your page. To minimize the size, you can have hands on an image compressor.

If you are optimizing your images and there’s an found an image which does not have a high-resolution, then you can just insert it in the reverse search image tool for free. It will help you to see many similar images, and from those, you can choose high quality images.

Reverse Image Search

This is a super-fast photo finder that can find similar images in a couple of seconds.

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