Terms & Conditions

At reverseimagesearch.org, we assure the privacy of our valued users and protect the trust they place in us. We are aware of our responsibility and take appropriate measures to provide you with the best and secure services. Here, we are sharing what information we collect from you and how we use it to offer you a better user experience.

Media and Pictures Security

All the images uploaded on this tool are never shared with third-party databases in any case. Our advanced algorithms make sure that no one can breach the security and get access to your data for any reason. It is also important to clarify here that we will not share, use, or save the images you upload on our platform for conducting a reverse image search. All the data you upload on this platform will be removed from our servers within a few minutes.

Reverseimagesearch.org secures the personally recognizable data you provide on our servers in a well-ordered, protected environment, secured from illegal access, use, or hack. There is no need to get worried about the privacy of your information while using our services.

Limitation of Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search may not be able to identify the people that are in the picture. Also, it may display incorrect results when it comes to finding similar images. Another big problem that is usually connected with the reverse image search is the complexity of adding up metadata. Also, this type of search is still not much used by people, as search with typing a keyword is in fashion. Moreover, the images that would be displayed by Google are copyrighted. You may not get the required results, as many databases are not indexed by Google.

However, if you feel any ambiguity with our tool's performance, you can directly let us know. If you feel any problem with the functionality of the utility, then please inform us. We will look into the matter instantaneously.

Modification in The Statement

We at reverseimagesearch.org strive hard to provide the best facilities to our users, and for this purpose, we keep on updating our services and their terms of use. So, if you want to get the best output, it is suggested to review the terms and conditions occasionally to get familiar with the latest updates.

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