Can We Discover Stolen Images On The Internet?

Can We Discover Stolen Images On The Internet?

Are you conscious and worried about the security of your uploaded image or data? Then you need not be worried as there are solutions to trace sources who might have stolen your images

Sometimes people hack your data or steal it by some tricks. It is essential to keep a check on the content you produce so that you can get credits from those websites. An online tool that is used to check the presence of similar images, memes, graphics, and profile photos on the internet is known as “Reverse Image Search” or “Search by Image.”

How to make possible use of image search?

The usage of this tool varies from field to field. For example:

Photo Search as a Webmaster

You can use this tool to get backlinks to your websites. It is a fantastic software which can help you find and contact all those sources or websites that are using your photos. You can also ask such sites to give you the credit you deserve.

Search by Image as a Photographer

If you are a professional photographer, you can secure your assets and check their illegal use with the help of a Reverse photo Search.

 Image Search for Protection

Most internet users use image source-detector to protect or secure their photos. No doubt, Google can also give facilities to directly check the source of an image or where the picture was taken, from its Search Engines. Otherwise, you cannot upload your media to search engines.  

As a Mobile User

Webmasters are efficiently working on the compatibility of this search. They have successfully configured image finder for mobile devices, including Windows phones, Android phones, iPhone, iPad, and all tablets. You can easily use this search anywhere you are in this world.

In 2019, search by image seems to be a new trend, as it is a quick and easy tool for searching images that are present over the web.

 Look For High-Resolution Images

If you are a blogger and want to use a particular image that is more likely suitable with your blog post, but unfortunately you do not have a high-resolution image, then you might be looking for a high-quality image. In such a case reverse search can help you out in finding the image over the web. All you will need is to upload the image into the tool, and it will fetch all the links where the image is used. You can grab a high-resolution image and use it on your webpage.

Guest Blogger Tracking 

While searching over the web, you might have across a high-quality guest post. And the guest blogger is writing on all the trending topics. You also want the writer to craft a blog for you as well. Firstly it seems to be challenging to track the guest blogger. But isn’t it, you can search the writer by using an image search engine. Over here, you will need to take a snapshot of his image and search by image to look for the guest blogger’s contact details. You will be able to find out his social media accounts from where you can contact the writer and ask him/her to write for you.

Graphic Designers 

If you are a graphic designer and frequently creating original visual graphics. It seems impossible to track all of your content over the web to check it’s not used by an unauthorized source. But with the help of a multi-search-engine photo finder, you can make sure to know about all the sources that are using your graphic images. So this tool can also be beneficial for graphic designers as well.  

Risks associated with Duplicated Images

If you are running an SEO campaign and want to add a specific picture for promotion. Then you might be worried about the originality of your image. As if the image is duplicated, it might ruin your advertising campaign because people will get least interested in your product or service as they will witness a lack of originality in the content. And along with that, you might also be subject to copyright infringement. Which can ruin the authenticity of your website, and you might have to face a severe penalty from the search engines. So, it is recommended before using an image to look deeply to know either the image is royalty-free or holds copyrights.

Reverse Image Search

This is a super-fast photo finder that can find similar images in a couple of seconds.

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