Google Testing Image Search Radio Button Filters

Google Testing Image Search Radio Button Filters

Google is the most widely used search engine all across the globe, and it has the largest proportion of market share. It has strived hard to provide its users with the best search results, which is the main reason behind its wide popularity. While searching anything on Google, one thing is for sure that you can get your hands on the desired results in a second. Since the inception of reverse image search technology, searchers can now enter an image as a query to find relevant information without inserting keywords. The image search engines’ importance has grown at a rapid pace over the past few years, and it’s being used for several reasons, such as finding the better quality or exploring the source of an image.

Currently, Google is working on an image search feature that will help people obtain structured data by exploring subcategories related to their search without exploring pages after pages. This update is being referred to as radio button filters, and in this blog, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about this upcoming feature by Google. So let’s get started without any further delay!

Upcoming Feature: Radio Button Filters!

In a test conducted by Google, it has introduced the filter options to make the image searching experience better for users, allowing them to make their desired search in a matter of seconds. When a user searches a query on Google and hovers over its image section, he/she will be able to make their desired selection on the radio button filters by clicking on the drop-down option. A simple search query will not take you to the exact image you’re looking for; therefore, this feature is in a process that will help you in exploring the desired pictures without making the searching process complex.

For instance, if you’re going to search about sports equipment, the filter buttons will display the options you can explore, such as different types and brands. With this update, you won’t have to do an exact search, as it wouldn’t be a requirement anymore. This feature will allow the users to find their favorite images without facing any intricacies.

Why is it Called Radio Filter Button?

This feature has been termed a radio filter button because Google provides the options for extensive search by offering users to choose their desired result. While choosing a radio channel, a user has to click on the circle to make it work. Similar is the case with this update of Google, as it allows the users to select their desired option by clicking the circle button.

Enjoy Ease and Convenience

The primary reason behind Google working on introducing this feature is to provide convenience to the searchers. The top-related results to your query will be presented in the drop-down options by Google to help you effortlessly select the exact thing you were searching for. Sometimes, we find it difficult to enter the search terms in Google results to retrieve the exact matching pictures. This query could be resolved by the Google image search radio button filters. However, you won’t be able to apply multiple filters in a single search. At a time, you can only select a single filter and explore the results related to it.

Note: The radio button filters are only available in the image search section of Google.

Final Words!

This is all about the new feature of Google, radio button filters. These filters can surely enhance the user experience on this widely used search engine. If you have limited key terms to find a picture, then this feature will surely be a blessing in your hunt.

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